Montgo area in Javea

Housing estates in the zone of the Montgo in Javea are characterized by being very extensive and well connected. In the zone of the Montgo there are houses for sale at very competitive prices. It is an ideal area to live all year for people who love nature, relaxing and peace.

One of the reasons why customers decide to live there is the position. Almost every plot is south or southwest facing.

The location is very important for people who decide to live in the zone of the Montgo for many reasons.

South wind is warmer than the other types of wind and it extends more the wonderful weather that Javea has.

Moreover, the proximity of the mountain to the sea allows the houses to enjoy more the sun.

Another important advantage of living there is the closeness to the services. Buying a house in the zone of the Montgo in Javea guarantees peace, comfort and a near nature feeling.

The zone of the Montgo in Javea is very close to the urban centre, where we can find all kinds of shops (food, fashion, etc.) or restaurant businesses.

Living in this zone guarantees people to enjoy the Mediterranean weather, the amenities and the nature.